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Healthcare Reform

Our society presently grapples with how to ensure affordable quality health care for all.  This pertinent area of social change sparked our mission’s inception over 12 years ago and to this day calls upon our leadership and other stakeholders to remain vigilant in action and strategy building. As the Affordable Care Act is not all-inclusive, intentionally marginalizing the undocumented and inadvertently excluding others facing unaddressed barriers, the law will narrow but not close the gap in access. As a safety net organization, we aim to assist those left out of the reform process to achieve justice in health. In this context, we have declared “Hineni”.  Here we are, free and inclusive across all lines of difference, to help our community attain full health and wellbeing. 


While we applaud the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the way in which it will help millions of Americans, a very large misconception about the ACA is that everyone will, in turn, have insurance or access to health care.  The ACA is not, and was never intended to be, a universal health care system. According to the Congressional Budget Office, there may be as many as 29-30 million people left without access to affordable health care even after the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented and the promise of expanded access realized.  The Jewish Community Free Clinic plans to be here to fill that gap in our community.


Given these realities, free and charitable clinics nationwide will remain an important part of the health care safety net. Our clinic will remain open to help those left behind and we will continue to work with our volunteers, donors and communities throughout the nation to build a healthy America, one patient at a time.


The JCFC is committed to helping uninsured clients to apply for health care coverage through Covered California.  To that end, the JCFC Resource and Referral Team is onsite at every clinic to provide referral information for Covered California services and, as necessary, to provide enrollment counseling and advocacy.  Those in need of enrollment assistance through Covered California are encouraged to come by to any of our weekly clinics to receive more information and referral assistance.  Together with our community partners, the JCFC looks forward to the day that everyone can access the benefits of affordable quality health care.




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